i created this site whilst in a 2000's headspace. in fact, the base code i used was from my old personal site from like 2006 lol.


hey peeps! i'm yiu and i'm a three decade old human. here's information the internet/the suits can use to update their file on me. i'm a very jaded soul but also a big soft baby.

interests: drawing, sculpting, crafting, fiber arts, bjds, art dolls, plushies, miniatures, mechanical keyboards, video games, animals
aesthetics: crowcore, vulture culture, streetwear, visual kei
aliases: hermitfloor, deadcrowing, hoboprince, princeyiu, yiubum, keelun


left ear: 2g lobe, 14g lobe, 16g helix
right ear: 2g lobe, 14g lobe, 16g lobe

Potter Seunghyun Jo - cat skull
Kay Lee - gecko, cat
Abigail Louise - neck triangle flower
Ghis Melou - jaguar
Daria Noizia - stag
Jimmy Yuen - mandala half sleeve
Skully - ram spirit, matchstick ghost, pair of shoulder skulls
Pitta KKM - pitta cloud, kumiho bookmark
Leah Stanmore - handpoked sternum motif
Rufio - skull flower, rose snake